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A Little About Me

My name is Starla and I am in search of a new beginning and new sense of self. I am the happy mom of 2 beautiful smart active boys who keep me on my toes. My amazing husband of 14 years, works out of town and my goal is to get him home so we can be united again, we miss him…

I am a very down to earth person and have a great deal of compassion and empathy for my friends, family and the world today.  I feel that the world needs more care, love and compassion and if we gave a little bit each day that the world would be a happier, cleaner more peaceful place. I also have a fascination with politics and I want to become more involved with supporting my local community.

I am searching for answers about myself and decided to commit to the MKMMA program and face my struggles. I am ready to face that head on and learn more about what me tick and work through the barriers that have blocked me from this process in the past. There is a compound effect in this program and I’m looking forward to the results!

I am an artist and I love to write poetry and to paint landscapes, animal’s and portraits. Eventually, I’d like to write a biography and use my poetry and paintings, as the story teller. I really love folk music and connect on a soul level. I feel like I am an old soul and I’ve been here before, except this time I am here to share my gifts with the world!


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